Double Drum Raising Machine
Raising Machine

Cleaning opportunity during work of the cone rollers is provided, thanks to brush cleaning wires in the both drums.

The operators can easily control and follow the production parameters on touch screen. High capacity memory is available for archiving the recipe of the raising material and using again if required. Values on the screen can be recorded as production schedule with a single button. It can be easily switched between production schedules with a single button as well.

Suction hood of each of the drums are separate and these are connected to suction hood unit having four or twelve scales which is combined with a single output and mounted to the back side of the machine.

Double drum raising machine alternatively consists of 24, 28 or 36 working rollers.

It has 1800 – 3400 mm working width.

It is suitable for all kinds of natural and synthetic woven and knitted fabrics such as wool, cotton, polyester. It is usually applied to winter clothes, blanketing and coat fabrics.

Technicial Specifications

  • Raising Machine
    Raising Machine

    Drums and working rollers which can be operated differently directions of rotation provide raising opportunity with two passes on one side of the fabric or for tubular fabrics one pass on front – back of the fabrics. Thus it gives variability and flexibility on raising effects.

    It is equipped with pile and counter pile raising rollers with adjustable independent speed.

    The tension of the fabric between bottom and top drums is provided with pull-in rollers and dancing roller group.

    Brush synchronization group which is PLC controlled is available for working of the drum and brush cleaning wires.

  • Raising Machine

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