Single Shearing Machine
Single Shearing Machine

Expander roller and special strappy expanding unit are available for fabric is given to cutting without crimps.

Working of the brush roller and contact distance of the fabric can be adjusted.

There are bristle brush (for towel and woven fabrics) or wire brushes (for velvet and knitted fabrics) options on input.

The amount of non-shearing fabric is provided to minimize thanks to electronically controlled head of the roll of fabric sensor (seam jumper sensor) on passes.

Single Shearing Machine

There is pneumatic spiral blade roller and optionally applied outlet cleaning brush roller.

The machine is equipped with vibration prevent featured full shaft shearing group , beater rollers in order to cleaning of the fabric surface prior to cut and movable shearing group to forward and backward before each operation.

Technicial Specifications

  • Shearing Machine
    Shearing Machine

    It can be accessed to all functions on touch screen.

    It is equipped with inverter and PLC controlled motor-driven.

    It provides to be recorded cutting parameters.

    There is felt oiling unit which have automatically adjustable time and amount.

    It is provided clean work environment and fabric surface thanks to suction unit.

    There is effective fabric tension control opportunity thanks to pull-in rollers which run in synchronism.

    There is special cutting angled counter application available for knitted and woven fabrics.

  • Shearing Machine

    There is pneumatic movable special designed prismatic counter group at the edge cutting refused branded fabrics. It has the ability to disable the prismatic counter when it is requested by manually or with a button.

    There is the opportunity to be grinded of the shearing group on the machine.

    There are two different kinds of shearing machines, one of them is to cutting of the knitted and woven fabrics and the other type is to cutting of the tulle fabrics.

    It provides to make surface of the woven and knitted fabric smooth by cutting off extras.

    It consists of shearing, brush, beater and pull-in roller with motor-driven and independently adjustable

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